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Self employed tax accountancy

Natasha Kravchuk


Just like you, I am a Solopreneur, and I love it! I have been providing accountancy and taxation services for small limited companies and freelance professionals since 2009. Having a background in Medical Science, I am used to exercising a strong systemic view on everything that is inherently dynamic and alive, be it a body, a family, a team or a business. Working with solopreneurs, while being a business owner myself, I approach any micro-business as a continuously evolving system which is bound to be strongly intertwined with the personality of the owner and with his or her individual 'ecosystems', whereas its financial statements, being elegantly connected through a double-entry system, never fail to reflect its viability and potential for growth.

I have a broad professional and educational experience in different sectors of the market, which helps me better understand and relate to my clients’ business needs and requests. I am also a fully trained Co-Active © Coach and a Mental Health Advocate.

My approach as an accountant is informal, efficient and flexible. I always look out for my clients' best interests and try to make their life as easy and as predictable as possible with regards to their tax affairs, whereas as a coach or consultant, I am friendly, direct and supportive of each individual's life priorities as well as their overall wellbeing. I value diversity, creative thinking and heart-centred work ethics. I advocate for work practices that allow us to remain "time rich" and exercise self-authority. My favourite question is "Why?"

I grew up in Moscow, lived in Israel in my late 20s and then moved to the UK. Since 2002, I have been living in London. I have a wonderful partner, two grown up children, a granddaughter and two adorable cats. I like driving, nature walks and sunny beaches.