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Whatever business related services you might require, we are here to help and make your life as easy as possible. We make every effort to understand what's important to you and your business. With us, you can get on with your work and creative projects, having peace of mind about your tax affairs and knowing these are in order and up-to-date. Since we can hold meetings and complete all accountancy and consulting work for you online, you and your business can be situated in any part of the UK.


We take care of all your accounting, tax and payroll needs!

Year-end accounts
Corporation Tax Return
Self-Assessment Tax Return
Payroll services
VAT returns
Dividends administration
Company formation and administration
IR35 consultation
Strategic tax and remuneration planning
Liaison with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf
Cloud bookkeeping support

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You are a professional freelancer or a sole trade business. You want to know what expenses you can claim to reduce your tax bill. You require your annual accounts to be correctly prepared and your Self-Assessment tax return to be submitted to HMRC. You want to get advice on how much tax and National Insurance you will pay and when, and have peace of mind knowing that you won't have any nasty surprises from tax authorities.

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You feel confident navigating your business, maintaining accurate accounting records and finding your way to the right information. You are not VAT registered and have no other employees working in your business. You only need occasional guidance to make sure you are doing things right. You are looking for your business to be compliant and its accounts and tax return to be filed on time and in accordance with the required standards and tax regulations.

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You want to feel more supported than our Basic Plan offers. You are already or plan to be VAT-registered and / or have 1-2 employees working for you. You want to receive detailed tax planning advice and "What if..." consultations on specific topics throughout the year. If English is not your first language, you may also benefit from using this plan. We will speak with HMRC on your behalf when required, as well as provide clear guidance on company administration.

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Your business and tax affairs are more complex and require more expert attention (e.g. e-commerce, cryptoassets). You already are on a Standard VAT Scheme and / or have more than 2 employees or office holders. You want your monthly bookkeeping done for you to avoid errors and save your time. You want to be able to receive a pompt consultation or tax advice, as well as delegate to us all your company secretarial duties and communication with tax authorities.

Upgrade any plan to include Quickbooks Plus subscription for £16 per month!

More information about our accountancy services

Self-assessment tax return is something we’ve helped our clients with for years. We bring a great deal of experience and expertise to our self-assessment tax returns, making sure to save you both time and money. We’ll save you hours and, sometimes, days of poring through the year’s receipts, invoices & bank statements, figuring out what needs to be put in, completing the return and sending it off to HMRC. We will advise what exactly you can claim as business expenses so you can offset them against your earnings, which tax schemes you can join and more!

To prepare your tax return we would need:

1) A list of all the expenses for your business, including those that are used for your business only partially. We will then work out what percentage of them you can claim back.

2) A list of all your product sales or fees charged to customers, including unpaid invoices.

3) Details of other taxed or untaxed income you received, for example, bank interest, PAYE income from a weekend or part-time job, capital gain or anything else that needs to be declared on your self-assessment tax return.

If you’re starting out on your own, then you may have thought of putting off your self-assessment until you start earning enough to get taxed on. However, HMRC requires you to prepare a tax return irrespective of whether you've made a profit or a loss. Any losses you incur (in case your expenses exceed your earnings) can be either offset against tax you paid through PAYE in the same year or offset against your business earnings in the following year.

If you wish to learn how to file your self-assessment tax return without professional help you are welcome to use our simple guidance here.

Every business has to prepare its financial statements (or annual accounts) at the end of each financial or tax year.  A company’s end of year accounts show how well the business has performed over a 12-month period. It must be prepared in accordance with the applicable reporting standards and Companies House guidelines.

Annual accounts will always contain a Profit & Loss Account (or an Income Statement) and a Balance Sheet. The Profit & Loss Account shows how much revenue (or income) the business generated during the year and what the costs were. The Balance Sheet shows what the business owns and what it owes to others. A company’s accounts may also include a Cash Flow Statement which shows how much cash was generated and used during any given time period.

One of the important requirements is that statutory accounts must represent a “true and fair view” of the company’s financial position which means that they are free from material inconsistencies that may mislead the users.

A company’s financial statements might have several types of users.

First of all, they are used by HMRC to ascertain how much tax the business owes. Therefore, a copy of annual accounts must accompany each year’s company tax return. Secondly, financial statements are used by owners and shareholders to guide important financial decisions.  Annual accounts are also going to be requested by any potential lender who considers advancing a loan to the business or its owner (for example, a mortgage broker). These are main users of the financial statements of a micro-business.  Larger corporations’ statements are likely to be accessed by managers, customers, suppliers, employees, the government, etc.

Companies House allows a micro-business (most solopreneurs' businesses are micro-businesses) to deliver annual accounts in a simplified format. Therefore, it might be tempting for a sole director to assume that it would be easy to prepare a set of accounts without professional help. However, in most instances, it would be rather challenging to prepare a set of compliant accounts, including a corporation tax return, for someone without any accounting knowledge, and for this reason we recommend to hire a licensed accountant to do this for you.

You and your business can receive fines for filing wrongly prepared paperwork or not doing it on time. You can also miss out on importance allowances and over-pay or under-pay tax. If you choose to trust us with your accounts preparation, we will make sure everything is done correctly and on time, and you won't pay more than you need to.

As a note, you have to prepare and file your annual accounts within 9 months of the accounting year end. Also, you must pay your corporation tax around the same time. That means it would be best to send us all your documents for accounts and tax preparation well before this 9-month deadline so that you can plan your finances more efficiently and avoid any late filing or late payment penalty.

If you're self-employed or a one-man company owner you would have to register your business for VAT only when your 12-month turnover reaches £85,000. However, if you're in an industry where your services are considered more seriously and it's possible you can gain a big contract or sale only if you are VAT registered, you may choose to register voluntarily, even your turnover is still below the registration threshold. Another reason for registering for VAT earlier is when you have lots of suppliers' invoices for which you can claim a VAT refund.

If you get in touch with us, we can monitor your finances, let you know when it's best to register (and which schemes to register for) or de-register for VAT. That way, not only will we make sure you're always compliant with HMRC rules, but also save you money whenever possible! With regards to VAT, every business is unique, can fall under different subsets of rules and needs its own, tailored service. We make sure that we do our best for your finances.

We prepare your VAT returns as part of our accounting service. We can either use your own bookkeeping to tailor your return, or collect all of your financial paperwork and create it from scratch, making sure that it’s thorough, correct & compliant, as well as always being sent on time, as part of our standard service.

We take great care to make sure we avoid common problems and pitfalls with VAT returns and correctly account for less obvious financial transactions including employees' expenses, goods & services for partial business use, bad customer debts (when a customer hasn’t paid an outstanding invoice), sales discounts and goods & services for export.

If you own a micro business or SME and need to pay salaries to yourself and  your employees, you will save much needed time and unnecessary worries by handing over the payroll service to a professional payroll agency or accountant. An accountant will always be on top of any inevitable changes to HMRC legislation, so you’ll never fall afoul of being non-compliant with payroll reporting regulations. This also means you reduce the risk of any PAYE penalties and arrears. Your payroll will be compliant with Real Time Information requirements and your data will be secure.

Another benefit is that you won’t need to pay for additional software to deal with payroll on top of all your other software expenses. We’ll calculate your employee’s income tax and NI contributions as well as make adjustments for sickness, paternity & maternity leave. We will also sort out special payment events such as furlough and anything else that might come along! 

We will advise your monthly PAYE bill payable to HMRC and create P45 forms for your employees when they leave your workplace. We will e-mail electronic payslips and produce end of year P60s for you and your employees and send those out either over e-mail or in paper form. Lastly, we can help you and your employees by taking care of employees’ expenses and benefits, making sure they are handled appropriately and taxed correctly.

We can offer you a company administration service that takes care of all statutory filings. This service is already part of our Bespoke packagecan be added on request to our Standard package, and typically includes:

  • Share allotments
  • Share transfers
  • Dividends
  • Appointment and resignation of officers
  • Officer change of particulars
  • Change of registered office
  • Change of accounting reference dates
  • PSC appointments
  • Changes and resignations
  • Confirmation statement filing
  • Change of company name
  • Dormant accounts filing
  • Company formation