How to extract more money from your company and save on tax

Most small business owners know that the only three legitimate ways of extracting money from a company are: 1.  Salary 2.  Dividends 3.  Loan However, the above three ways are not exactly tax-free! If your salary exceeds your personal tax-free allowance (currently set at £12,500), then you will have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance. If you pay yourself more than 2K of dividends per year, you will be… Read More »How to extract more money from your company and save on tax

How to deal with information overload

How do you manage information overload? As obvious as it might be for you, I have to admit that, only recently, I have realised that “information overload” is the right name for the challenge I am experiencing. Whenever I want to find a new solution for my business I turn to Google and Amazon books and search precisely for the question I want to be answered. Where to find a… Read More »How to deal with information overload

Live In The Present Moment

I find this extract from the book “The Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holiday to be extremely relevant for today’s moment and offering a very helpful perspective on challenges any of us meet in the course of business. LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT Do yourself a favour and run down the list of businesses started during depressions or economic crises. Fortune magazine (90 days after the market crash of… Read More »Live In The Present Moment